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Dr. Dale Devitt
Center for Urban Water Conservation
4505 Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-4004
Telephone: 702-895-3853

The following publications were produced through the Center for Urban Water Conservation under the control and leadership of Dr. Dale Devitt.


Bowen Ratio Estimates of Evapotranspirtation for Tamarix ramosissima Stands on the Virgin River in Southern Nevada

Comparative ecophysiology of the exotic Tamarix ramosissima & three native Mojave desert phreatophytes in response to summer drought

Physiological response of two turfgrass species to varying ratios of soil matric and osmotic potentials

Plant water relations of Tamarix ramosissima in response to the imposition and alleviation of soil moisture stress

Leaf area production - affects of restricted root growth

Utilization of Remotely Sensed Data to Map and Evaluate Turfgrass Stress Associated with Drought

Leaf carbon isotope ratios in three landscape species growing in an arid environment

The effects of applied water on the water use of Tamarix ramosissma during summer in a desert riparian environment

Urbanization and Water Conservation in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada

Evapotranspiration from a saltcedar dominated desert floodplain: a scaling approach

Turfgrass Quality, Growth, and Water Use Influenced by Salinity and Water Stress

Water use by Tamarix ramosissma and associated phreatophytes in a Mojave desert floodplain

Water use of landscape plants grown in an arid environment

Climatic Assessment of the Arid Southwestern United States for Use in Predicting Evapotranspiration of Turfgrass

Comparative Water Use of Turfgrass and Ornamental Trees in an Arid Environment

Evapotranspiration and Growth Response of Three Woody Ornamental Species Placed Under Varying Irrigation Regimes